Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Tod,

 I love you even though you drew this on my arm as I slept Sunday afternoon.

I love you even though you quoted a Clay Aiken song at Tommy's wedding dinner.

And I love you for telling the truth.  Always the truth.  Like when we were talking about that one girl:

Me: What do you think when you see her?
You: That she has a stick up her a**.
Me: What do people think when they see me?
You: That you have a stick up your a** too.......only a smaller stick.


Brooke said...

You made me laugh aloud. Really!

Carol said...

You're either not ticklish or a very deep sleeper. Don't you just love Tod's artistic skills? It's comforting (in a really wierd way) to know he could always become a tattoo artist if the property management gig doesn't work out.

Tod's Mom