Friday, October 15, 2010

Tommy plus Shantay

On Friday my brother Tommy married Shantay.  We love her.  It's too bad you weren't there because a lot went on.  First, we had to pack for the trip but luckily Tod was done...because he never unpacked the last time we left town.  We can all learn a lot from him.
 Then you missed two days of straight rain but the sun coming out just as the couple emerged from the temple.

Katy B. and me...she likes me so much she invited me to cook with her.  Check back Monday.

 Bridesmaids in boas and bling
Gorgeous dress, gorgeous bride.

 And sorry you weren't there to witness my boys hit on a blonde and brunette during pictures.  Larry could've stayed there forever.  P.S. His hair is trashier than ever.  I gave Tod the job of bathing the boys that morning yet Larry's hair didn't look clean as we drove to the temple.  I asked why this was and Tod replied, "I didn't wash his hair.  There was no baby soap."  Ahhhhhhhhh, I see.
 You should've seen my mom.  So cute and classy.
 Our adult family picture was a success but unfortunately you missed attempt #1...
 attempt #2...
 then #3
 and #4
 and finally attempt #5 for a decent Wever picture.  WHY???

The most gorgeous cake I've seen.  And then the best part -- it TASTED GOOD.
 Grandma KK and her two boys plus many others:

and finally you missed Lennon who loves to party.  When we finally tore him away from the dance floor he whined, "Why are we leaving?  I could dance all night."  

Goodbye soccer cleats, hello jazz shoes.

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Katy said...

yes, come back on Monday.

Ryan Smart said...

Congrats Tom! Weddings are so much more fun when they aren't your own. It's fun to see your fam all grown up-though I can never really believe those are the twins.

At least Lennon can grow up and go to school somewhere where dancing may be accepted. Remember Nelson Leach (sp), poor kid got eaten alive and his splits were better than yours...although I remember homecoming when he landed on his head doing a back flip(not sure why I remember things like that). Anyway, here's to Nelson-I hope he's happy and far from Tooele. Here to Lennon who will be the coolest kid where ever he goes and whatever he does. Camryn likes to dance too so they can still get married.

mandy* said...

Lennon is a seriously great dancer!!!! I love it!

sarah said...

i am seriously in awe of how beautiful your family is! lol...regardless of the many attempts at a good picture!


Jessica =)) said...

I teach 3 yr olds. Just saying.

Lol, beautiful family!! :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous wedding. Love the bling. You look very beautiful in all the pics. Your hair, don't even get me started. I love Shantay's dress. I think I would have ruffles too if I were to get married now a days.

Lennon looks so cute dancing!!!!! You should put him in dance classes! I'm not joking. He might really like it. And that pic of him between the beautiful ladies. Toooooooooo funny.

Unknown said...

Sooo cute! Absolutely love it! Lennon is darling. End of story.

Carol said...

Great wedding photos!! Your mom looks so pretty& cute posing with her sibs/sisters. Last time I saw a little guy enjoy dancing that much was at Amy's wedding and Evan was a flirtin' dancin' fool at 6 yrs!
I love the boys in their tuxes!!! Remember Lar' Bear in his 1st (baby) tux...all of a month old? Tell Lennon that his grandma W. said he has some cool moves & give him a hug & kiss for me.

stevenjared0853 said...

Everything looks fabulous. So enjoyable everything looks! We too would be attending a gorgeous beachside wedding reception party at one of the best Chicago event venues. It is my cousin’s wedding and I will be the bridesmaid for the first time ever. Can’t wait!