Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cooking for One with Katy

My aunt Katy B. has a cooking show where guests teach her recipes useful for one person.  And I am her latest guest.  Plus Tod who was miniature golfing in the backround during most of the show.  

My mom was her guest on Episode #7...she makes me laugh.


Brett and Rachael said...

oh my gosh. Thanks for the laugh. haha. totally made my day

ericareynolds said...

You make me laugh! Loved it. I think you are a food star and Tod makes a great side kick.

Anonymous said...

Hummm.... flat wheat bread (looks ok), tomatoes (worst tasting vegetable ever grown), spinach (worst tasting lettuce family member), avocado/garlic (love it), and turkey bacon (gives me the heebee geebees).

Sounds delicious.

Actually I'm sure it is really good! Clay would love it. That omelette looked really tasty. Sugar? Interesting. I will certainly be trying that.

MediocreMama said...

Megan, this is why I would never, EVER do a cooking show with you.