Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who did it

Having two mobile kids is tricky.  Because now when I walk into the kitchen to find could've been either one of them.  All the blame used to fall on Lennon but now I have two suspects every time there's a violation.

Lennon looked pretty guilty in these pictures.  However, when I asked Larry what happened this is what he did:

Pretty suspicious.

Some violations clearly point to one or the other, though.  For example, Larry does NOT know how to crap in the yard, despite Lennon's claims.  Busted.


raegan said...

I can only imagine the conversation that took place before this picture was taken! And one question- Did have that conversation with a straight face?

ericareynolds said...

Ha, ha, ha, This reminds me of the time that J took a dump in our neighbor's front yard. I found out about it a year later when another neighbor told me. So embarrassing.

Unknown said...

Is that real poo? Sick.

When Monet does something naughty she tells me all about it. I think she loves to test and see what my reaction will be. Like to see if will get as mad as the situation allows. She will do something she knows she shouldn't then say, "Can I still have a popsicle after lunch?" just to see my answer.