Friday, September 10, 2010

Thanks Tod

I feel like for all the time I spend trying to teach the boys manners and language and sharing and kindness Tod spends just as much time undoing all my work.

I overheard Tod singing a lullaby to the boys last week:

I love Lennon...I love Larry...we love Mom even though she's scary...

Four hours later I was running errands with the boys when Lennon started arguing with me:

Lennon: MOM!  Tell Larry to give me my drink back!
Me: No, we're almost home.
Lennon: Oh yeeeeeaaaahhhh?  Wanna piece of these (fists in front of face)?

And then there was the wrestling match yesterday morning when Tod taught Lennon to say, "I'll punch you in the kidneys 'till you're peeing blood!"

'Till you're peeing blood?  So many levels of inappropriate; I don't even know where to begin.

And finally, thank you Tod for telling me the pizza I made last night tasted like Mexican food.  SO SORRY I didn't have mozzarella in the fridge and used cheddar instead.  I'm lucky you're such a patient and forgiving guy.  Most wives would've said, "CEREAL FOR DINNER TONIGHT!" but instead I served Mexican pizza of all things.  Won't happen again.  No really....WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN.


kristi said...

laughing out loud

Kelly said...

Hey Holly, I've stopped by your blog a while ago (like months ago), then stopped by it (yesterday & today) again and read some of your past posts (because you're freaking hilarious). I read the one where you wanted to know every person who reads your blog...well, I read it every now and then. Just thought you'd like to know.

BTW-Ben does the same thing with our boys. It's so funny to fart at the dinner table, until we're at a restaurant and they do it there. Of course it looks bad on the mother...not the father (the one who taught them how). AH!

Kelly (Harris) Clegg

Ryan Smart said...

But who teaches them to swear ;) Your kids are going to be real funny and that's what's really important in life-good looks and humor.

Angela Taylor said...

This is making me laugh so hard! My kids totally say things and my husbands like "Where did they get that?" Hmmm, I wonder.
And your mexican pizza, much like my tortilla soup night. I thought I was being awesome, doing a crockpot dinner since I'd be canning peaches all day. It's not like I was out shopping or anything. Next time maybe I will pull out the cereal instead!!