Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Snaggle Tooth calls me Cat Teeth

You may not know this but I have jacked up lower teeth.  You probably didn't notice because look how normal my smile looks:
But when I open my mouth there they are -- messed up lowers.  I could never pinpoint why they looked so weird until one night Tod clarified while I inspected them in the mirror.

Tod: "Cat teeth."
Me: "What?"
Tod: "You have cat teeth.  Those lower teeth...they point inwards just like a cat."

FYI Tod's lower teeth are totally snaggled.  Like overlapping snaggled.  But he had a point.  Look how my teeth look like they're almost laying down in there.  It takes a snaggle to know one.


Ryan Smart said...

I'm overly observant, however I've never seen cat teeth in my life--maybe because I hate cats. Good job Tod on such a great adjective. No one cares about lower teeth, just make sure they are white. You do have a great smile, keep it up.

ericareynolds said...

Ryan is Smart. I think you have a great smile too. I never noticed any cat teeth. But I will certainly look next time I see you and you can let Tod know that I will for sure be checking out his snaggle teeth. Perhaps if you warn him ahead it won't be so awkward?

Unknown said...

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Esther Duran said...

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