Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goodbye summer

Summer afternoons around here look like this.  After naps we usually end up in the backyard.  Maybe because my kids prefer zero clothes and it's a little warmer outside than in the house.   Poor little Larry had seven (no exaggeration) teeth come in all at once last week.  That kid is tough.  Just check out his physique -- all muscle.

Summer is over now.  Kids are in school.  It even feels a little different in the air already.  Pretty soon my kids will need clothes on to play outside.

Lennon starts preschool next week (WHAT?) so lately fully dressed for him looks like this:

I hope his teachers won't mind.  Speaking of teachers, they visited us the other day and Lennon (of course) told them about the time he almost drowned (gross exaggeration) then about the time his dad burned his foot on the dirt bike (true). My mom used to call stories like that "family secrets" and divulging those was totally off limits.  

So is it a family secret that last week I was upstairs getting dressed while Lennon was downstairs throwing a softball at Larry in the face?  And that I ran downstairs to find my baby crying on the floor with a bloody nose?

I guess not anymore.  At least you heard it from me and not my three year old.

Hello Fall and School and Soccer.  Goodbye Summer.  I'm sad and glad to see you go.


diana said...

My kids rarely make it out of the house in more than a diaper/underwear.

I always said as soon as Marley was out of her diapers we wouldn't let her outside without being dressed. That didn't even last a day.

If you want an excuse for them to run around undressed in the next few months, you should come to Hawaii. We stay undressed all year.

Tiffany said...

Hi Holly! You don't know me but I know Todd and his family :) Grew up in their ward. In fact, I think you even had your wedding reception or open house in my parents back yard...? But I don't think we have ever met. I took a peek at your blog a while ago when my mom and sister kept telling me how hilarious it was. And then I totally became a blog stalker cuz they were right. I love reading your blog! But never commented cuz you don't even know who the hell I am. :) But now you do. And now we are blost friends :)