Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I don't want a vacation

A text from my mom last Thursday:

Come to New York with me next week!

I immediately pictured not the city or the food but the long, uninterrupted flight across the country.  I imagined all the books I could read, all the trashy magazines I could pour over and the quiet thinking/sleeping(!) time without kids.  The city is nice, too.

There were a few snags in the plan like cash flow, three people who depend on me for everythingunderthesun, and who wants two toddlers all week while I vacation in New York City?

So I did not go.

Today she's been sending me texts with pictures of the Statue of Liberty and other images that made me so happy to be home.  Who needs New York when they have a three year old speaking in "Cat" all day?  Who needs a trip when there is laundry, vacuuming, dishes and bathrooms that are all weeks behind?  Why would I want a break when I can give Lennon a new pack of underwear and later find him wearing all six pairs at once?

Plus had I gone to New York who would've sprayed Lennon down with the hose to teach him never to spray his brother with the hose again?  It's a good thing I didn't go.  If I hadn't been home yesterday, I wouldn't have learned Tod's trick when finding a moldy avocado...don't throw it away, just "pretend  you live on a farm" cut out the mold, and eat it.  Mmmmm, glad I didn't miss that.

Plus as I typed this post, Lennon is in the bathroom yelling at me, "MOOOOM!  WIPE ME!  MOOOOOM!  WIIIIIIPPE MEEEEE!"

Sorry you're there and not here, Mom.  Think it through next time.


diana said...

Oh I love the meowing. Marley was just watching this over my shoulder and said, "Why is he talking like that?" Is it okay that I told her he was a cat?

I just have the giggles now. I can't stop. That video was so funny.

Marley has those exact same underwear; only she calls them "panties".

Karen said...

Dearest Holly,
I truly do wish you were here! Your time will come! Just like mine did. Thank you so much for being such a spectacular mom and taking such great care of my beloved son-in-law and grandsons. You WILL be blessed! I love you. Keep up the important work.
Love, Mom
p.s. I've been Christmas shopping so get excited!!!

Meegan said...

Cat or Kid, Lennon has the sweetest little voice in that video!

Tommy Lowell said...

Great post. Luckily Lennon is still young enough to do the "I'm not a boy, I'm a Cat" routine and it's still cute. But if he's still doing that in 3-4 years It'll be annoying and I'll say stuff like.. "There's something that aint right about that boy".
Larry is a natural. He wasn't given much camera time but he sure made the most out of what he was given.
Question.. Why is he all the way on the other side of the room and facing the other way? Don't neglect "the red head" while the poster boy, blonde Lennon has the camera on him at all times.

sarah said...

uhmmm...i'm getting ready to move to a farm, and i will not be cutting the mold out of anything and eating the rest! lol

i'm in love with the six pairs of underwear! i feel like maybe i should wear six pairs of underwear to help my aching tailbone. this sittingon the floor to pack stuff is for the birds!

KelliJamison said...

Yeah, I'm glad you didn't come to New York and see your friend Kelli, who probably wouldn't have showed you the best time ever in the big city. And, if you would've asked, I bet she wouldn't have let you stay at her apartment. Good thing you didn't go:(

Carol said...

Dear Holly,
Sorry I couldn't come out and help with the boys so you could fly off to New York with your mom.Hopefully, you'll get another chance for a neat break and I won't be recuperating from shoulder surgery. I don't plan to do this ever again! Both shoulders will be good as new. I sure wish I could have helped out tho.

Grandma Carol

Christina said...

I just found your blog thru Sarah's All of your posts are so entertaining. Thanks for making me laugh so hard I cried!