Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New dead dog

See that rug? I bought it on sale. And when this picture was taken there were recently spilled Cheerios all over it. Can you tell? Nope. That's why I love this rug.

Tod wants to take the rug back.  He says it "sheds."  In fact the other day a neighbor asked if we had any dogs and Tod told him we had a dead one in the middle of our family room floor.

Either way, Larry looks so tough in camo.


IronLawGirl said...

How ironic! I posted this yesterday on my blog for the grandmas:
On our way home today we passed a dead dog in the road. A deg. And I said something like, oh how sad, a dead dog. The kids were instantly wanting to see and Gwen started telling me about how you can freeze your dead animals and keep them as decorations. So Drake starts telling me he was going to go get the dead dog and pick it up and bring it home. Then Gwen chimes in "oh ya, then we can freeze him when the guy who freezes animals comes over". Because he makes house calls? So when we pulled into the driveway and started getting out, Drake starts heading toward Mesa Dr. to go get the dog. Gross. Luckily we were locked out of the house and had to go to Gigi's. Otherwise my son might have gone to the middle of Mesa Dr. to retrieve a deg.

alana said...

Love the rug... keep the rug! And yes, Larry looks adorable!

Unknown said...

I can't tell from the picture but is it furry? I bought a white furry rug once and returned it the next week because we literally had two inch tall fur balls in ever corner of the house from it.

If it's furry, return the rug.