Monday, August 16, 2010

Romance by Tod

Last night:

Tod: "You have the prettiest feet."
Me: "Awww really?"
Tod: "Yes, I love them. I'd be so sad if they were know...and you were, like, trying to walk around on these little nubs (insert hand action showing nub-walking), you know? That would really bum me out."

Thank you?


mandy* said...

I just noticed the label: Classic Tod. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Ahhh, good times. Rob always says, " Would you still love me if___________." And the blank is usually something like no nose, missing an arm, only talked in parables, etc.

The Bell Family said...

Love the ads. You're headed to the big time.

I dated a guy with a missing leg. One night, while watching a movie together, he removed his prosthetic leg and asked me to "rub the nub".

Does it totally make me a bad person that I never returned his phone calls?

Brooke said...

Nice Tod.

PS Holly, you have super high arches.

Carol said...

One moment you have me crying when I read your blog and the next I'm laughing my head off. (knuckle walking LOL)

I've told you before that you have the prettiest feet & could do foot commercials. Watch out ... Tod might get the idea & put you to work. "Get those feet up there ~ Point those toes and hold that Pose!!"

Jason said...

holly i think we must have the same feet, because tod, used to say the same things to me. he's a smooth one for sure. also, i had no idea that Q dated an amputee man. or was that melissa?