Thursday, June 10, 2010

Larry is one?

My baby is one. His birthday fell in the middle of a sad week but a celebration was still in order. This kid is a gem. He needed some balloons and pizza and cake and presents.

We had a party at his Grandma KK's house.

All his best buddies came.

He enjoyed the attention.
His mom enjoyed this picture of herself looking five months pregnant. Awesome.

He seemed to appreciate his homemade carrot cake. Thanks for the idea, Papa.

Aunt Sissy and Larry. Sorry I don't have pictures with everyone. I was too busy looking pregnant.
Van and Asher showed up in their cool boots and gave him this ball -- his new favorite toy.
My carrot cake. Wasn't the prettiest but tasted good. Plus my sisters upgraded the decorative touches. I guess my frosting carrot was "too pornographic" for them so they made the necessary adjustments. Picky picky.
I swear these two were just born.
Happy Birthday Lar. Oooooooooh we love you.


Lindsey and David said...

Is he really one? Goodness, time flies. Well, I guess it's time for another?! You know, since your five months prego and all… Yeah right, you look great!

Larry is such a cutie. I love the red hair. I think my baby has red hair too! Kelli said red heads need to stick together because they are a dying breed. Maybe they can start some kind of red head club together.

IronLawGirl said...

A couple things,
5 mos preggo? Really? One bad pick but I look like that EVERYDAY!!
Also, wished there was a picture of the porno carrot!!
Good job turning one Larry. :)

kristi said...

I'm so glad I was there to fix the 'carrot' you originally created.

The Bell Family said...

Happy lat birthday Lar-bear. You are too cute for words.