Saturday, February 6, 2010

What is my life

I am probably the first mom to put my child in time-out for tweeting. Happened last Sunday. I was making breakfast for everyone:

Lennon: Tweet...........TWEET............TWEET!!!
Me: Oh, look it's a little bird, hello bird...(I keep making breakfast)
Lennon: Tweet! TWEET! TWEEEEEET!
Me: Ohhhhhh, I love little birds, want some pancakes little bird?
Len: Tweet.
Me: Okay, just get in your chair QUIETLY and I'll make some breakfast.
Me: Tod, acknowledge his tweet.
Tod: Lennon, stop tweeting.
Me: Lennon, Dad said stop. Please stop tweeting and I'll get you some pancakes.
Tod: Seriously....try another animal about a DINOSAUR! RRRRRRRRROAAARR! Or a lion, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
Len: Tweet.
Me: Okay. I love you Len but now it's time to be a big boy and not a bird. Use your words.
Len: Tweettweet! Tweettweet!
Me: Fine. You tweet one more time and you're in time-out.
Len: Tweet.
Me: (Looking at Tod for support and receive none; his face is in the pillow laughing): Okay, looks like you have time-out.

He tweeted the entire way to his time-out chair and tweeted the entire time-out. I shouted around the corner to him, "YOU WILL STAY IN TIME-OUT UNTIL YOU STOP TWEETING!" To which he responded:



Jessica =)) said...


mandy* said...

You have the best Lennon stories! This is one of my favorites by far!!!

Ron said...

I love Lennon so much. Especially now that he speaks a second language!

Camp Directors said...

Ahhh, but he's so cute!

Sarah said...

I was impressed at firt...I thought you were saying he tweeted on twitter!

Karen said...

Kristi told me a story about a little girl that "MEOWED" family prayer. I wonder if she got put in "time out."

Carol said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Hysterical, Holly!! (Didn't I tell you, stubbornness is a deep-seated Wever trait.) Sorry 'bout that! HA HA HA Lennon is so funny...I needed a good laugh this morning.

Ryan Smart said...

I don't know about it being a Wever trait or a Holly trait, but I would totally blame it on Tod's side. I love when kids do this crap--other people's kids. I want to make sure mine is perfect--how do I do that? I love Lennon.

Brooke said...

Classic. Benson has been a dog lately. He likes to lick my cheek when we're reading books. Funny little fellas.

Carol said...


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