Saturday, February 6, 2010

Couldn't you just eat him?


Amy said...

Man...look at all those teeth he is getting! I didn't want the pictures to stop! I could definitely eat him up!

Jessica =)) said...

I could totally eat him. But i'm not sure about
that green thing in his mouth. lol, what IS that?
Looks like baby food on a stick :P

Jon and Ali said...

I think the "couch peek-a-boo" pic is my fav!!!!

Ron said...

Larry is the best!

Carol said...

"He outa' be in pictures!" He is the Gerber baby personified!
Absolutely adorable ALL the time!!
He has such a sweet disposition. You do want to just eat him up, it's true.

Lindsay Clegg Sundloff said...

I could eat him, but what is he eating?