Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is what well rested looks like

Tod and I spent most of last week in San Diego for a work conference. AKA: no kids, no bottles, no formula, no diapers, no nap schedules, no wiping two year old bums, no stress in public, no screaming in the car, no curfews, no babysitters, no getting up at 2 am, no waking up at 5 am for the day, no back talking, no crumbs to sweep, no meals to make, no laundry to fold, no groceries to buy, no bills to pay, no time-outs, no bedtimes, no chasing in public, no sticky floors, no runny noses, no bathtime, no arguing over Batman/Spiderman attire for the day.
It was lovely. I never thought sitting through eight hours of meetings could feel so good. They made my meals, let me sit quietly and I beat Tod's phone at Scrabble three times in a row. It was like my brain was waking up from a three year nap.
But what was even better was coming home because I love these boys. We were dying to see them again. That's what makes kidless trips even better -- you're only kidless for awhile.
Thank you Grandma Carol and Papa Rick for taking such great care of Batman and Robin. Or Spiderman and the Green Goblin (depending on the day).


Alana said...

Well rested looks good - glad you had a great time!

Carol said...

Totally our pleasure!! We really enjoyed loving up your boys & getting better acquainted. We don't see them often enough. We enjoyed helping you out and I think Batman & Robin kinda' liked us as well!