Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i have no title

Lennon likes to hide. The other day I sent him to time-out and when I went to retrieve him, this is what I found:

He thinks if he can't see ME, I can't see HIM.

Also, he's starting to say things to me that he shouldn't because only I can say these things to him but probably shouldn't either:

I said NO!
No, I'M the boss!
Leave me alone!
I'm not kidding!
I'm calling Dad!
But on a sweeter note, when I get home from running in the morning he's always eating his breakfast and says to me, "Hey Mom. How was your run? How's your day going?" And this morning he was eating oatmeal and informed me that he was eating Batman oatmeal and Larry was eating Robin oatmeal. In fact, Larry has lost his name altogether. He's been Robin since Halloween.
Isn't it funny how some moments you think you're going to lose your mind and other moments you are so smitten with your kids and can't imagine life without them? I mean, you can imagine maybe a week in a tropical place without them or even a simple weekend away from them or even a trip to the grocery store without them or.............


raegan said...

ryan does the same hiding thing. he will even just sit there and put his hands on his eyes or cover his head with a pillow. 'where is ryan? can't see him?'
i regularly feel like i can't go another moment and then when i go to the gym i wonder the whole time what they are doing without me. it was really bed when we ran away for the weekend a month ago! joys of motherhood?! come down to arizona i would love to catch up with you!!!!

Sarah said...

Amen! Yesterday Bridger wouldn't leave me alone. Everywhere I went, he was by my side...and he's 4 year old. I said, "Bridger, when you're right on top on my it drives me nuts!" HIs reply, "Mom, if I was on top of you I'd be on your head." I had to laugh. Maybe that's why they say funny things, to get us to relax!

Carol said...

They used to have a show on television called "Kids say the darndest things." I'm sure these kids would qualify. So sweet.

Leah Miller said...

That is so funny! I like Lennon. So, I met your friend Amelia last weekend. She knows you through your aunt...I think. She was so nice and her husband is an A-mazing cook.