Saturday, October 3, 2009

September plus Rat Poison Trivia

First, September in pictures:

Secondly, Rat Poison Trivia:
  • Fact: Many people have tried to commit suicide using rat poison and most times it doesn't work.
  • Fact: Instead of dying, these people usually suffer from severe headaches, disorientation and sometimes seizures.
  • Fact: I learned all this yesterday when Tod called to inform me Lennon had eaten rat poison. They were at one of Tod's rentals trying to catch a rat before the tenant moved in.
  • Fact: He acted like these statistics should make me feel better.
  • Fact: Rat is still loose.


Sarah said...

Did those facts make you feel better?!?

We missed you Thursday night. We're going to go out again next month--for Thi--so you'll have to come!

raegan said...

so, did you feel better?! we only had a missing magnet this month. cute little guys!

Amy said...

What....are you serious Tod?? Fact: Rat Poison can cause internal bleeding also known as hemorrhaging which can lead to death!! Believe me I should know I basically took the stuff for 6 months! I'm glad he is o.k!!!!

Carol said...

This is your mother speaking ... WHERE were you? WHAT were you doing? WHO was watching my grandson??? Oh, you are in such BIG trouble!! Hopefully, it didn't taste good and he didn't ingest very much. The good news (I guess...) is that Tod was open & honest about it...most men probably wouldn't even tell their wives what happened. NO, that really DOESN'T HELP much does it?
I'm relieved to hear Lennon is alright.