Sunday, October 4, 2009

Self Discipline

Today I thought Lennon was upstairs with Tod. When I walked into our room, though, Tod and Larry were asleep. And the house was silent. I started calling Lennon's name...terrified of what I'd find. I heard little footsteps running out of my bathroom and Lennon emerged...completely covered in shaving cream. All over his face, arms, clothes. I started saying, "LENNOOOOOOOOOOON! WHAT THE HE.........." when he interrupted me.

"I know, Mom. Timeout."

And he turned around, walked to the corner of the room, and sat down. He only turned around to add, "Sorry I made a mess, Mom. Sorry I made a mess."


Jessica =)) said...

He is just awesome. My favorite post ever. :)

Carol said...

How can you keep a straight face w/this kid ... he is one of a kind. This is priceless!