Sunday, July 12, 2009


Everyday is the same:

Helmet? CHECK.

Sword? CHECK.

Cereal? CHECK.

Batman card from Aunt Amy? CHECK.

Annoying cartoon on PBS? CHECK CHECK CHECK.


Karen said...

What a guy!

Ryan Smart said...

What I need to know is do you find this stuff funny or slightly annoying or both? My co-worker has a son who has to wear this dalmation costume everyday--he even slept with it, took it off to pee the bed and then put it back on so as not to ruin it. I think it's hysterical and cute, but not sure if parents think so--please enlighten because I'm afraid of what my child will want to do.

Julianne said...

The only PBS show I can't stand is Callou! The little brat whines the entire show....not something I want passed on to my kids.

Jessica =)) said...

That's the coolest morning routine ever.

Tiff said...

That is so funny. Sounds a little like our house but with the princess know shoes, dress, crown, oh and don't forget the cell phone in case prince charming calls. Pretty cute.

MediocreMama said...

Ryan, I think it's really cute and funny. Even if it escalates into wearing his helmet in public I'd still be okay with it.

Julianne, Callou was on once and I about died. It hasn't been on at our house since. I'm a little disturbed by Sid the Science kid and 1.) Gerald who has some sort of mental/speech issue and 2.)May who smoked a joint before each episode. I mean that girl high or what?

Carol said...

NOW he'll wear his helmut every morning AND let you photograph him in it??? I tried so hard to get just one picture of him in his Viking gear ... and all I got was "No Grandma no ... " and he'd run, tear off his helmut and hide his face. The little punk. I love him to death anyway.

Grandma Carol

Elder Larkin said...

All little boys want to be super heros! It's in their blood.