Sunday, April 19, 2009


So...I know someone who writes books. And they are GOOD books. I know, because I read a lot of books and I'm very picky about books and her books are good.

We grew up like sisters but actually she is my MOM'S baby sister, Ann Dee. Her second book has now been published and she's giving one free copy away on her website right now.

This is who would like her book: EVERYONE. She is a young adult author so if you have kids between 10-16 that is even better. They'd love the book. It's for adults and adolescents alike. If I were still teaching I would buy a class set of this book and read it with my students.

So go here and leave a comment -- she just might choose you and send you a signed copy of her book. And then you'll be almost famous like me for knowing her. Plus who doesn't like getting free stuff? Plus who doesn't like getting mail? PLUS who doesn't like winning contests? Go check her out. Or buy it here.

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