Saturday, April 18, 2009


This year it actually felt like the Easter Bunny showed mom and dad came for the weekend and then my brother Tommy surprised us and showed up to hang out with Lennon. Good thing because Lennon asks for him every single freaking day of my life, "Tommy?! Tommy?! FOOTBALL!"
Easter Sunday
Lennon was loving this
On Saturday night our neighborhood put together a flashlight Easter egg hunt for all the kids. Which worked great for the kids who used their flashlights...our son was creative and put his flashlight in his basket for the hunt. Made sense. Other way=Too easy.

Lennon and his neighborhood peeps

Lennon and his super pregnant mama

Lennon and Grandma Karen (or Grandma KK which is what he calls her)

Thank you Mom, Dad and Tommy for coming out -- it made our weekend!!!


Katy said...

yup he looks like Kristi again. Holly please do the triathlon with me in November

Ann Dee said...

Looks like a party.

mistyp said...

My kids call my mom Grandma DD. Maybe it's a school teacher thing, huh? ;)