Friday, December 5, 2008

The night Lennon became homeless

Thanks to Amy we have a few pictures to share. More to come once our computer works again. So...

One night over the holiday we decided to eat at Bajio. Everything was fine until we sat down. Lennon did NOT want the high chair. He did NOT want Dad's lap. Did NOT want my food, Tod's food, his bottle, candy, clowns, dancers, money, fame, fortune...we offered it all.

How do I know he didn't want any of it? He was scccccccccreeeeeeeeeeaaming. In Bajio.

Tod believes we should let our child scream. Teach him a lesson. Toughen him up. Don't give in. I say, let's not disrupt everyone's dinner. So I throw him over my shoulder (like I never thought I would) and take him outside. Just for a minute. Just to cool off.

Well, he wanted to stay out there. So Uncle Kevin came out to supervise and Lennon stayed out there alright. Lennon ate his entire dinner on the sidewalk outside of Bajio. Like a miniature vagabond minus the fire-lit trash can next to him. Proof:

This last picture makes me laugh the hardest. Here we are, obviously NOT feeling guilty that our son appears to be homeless on the streets of Las Vegas. We enjoyed our meals, turned around a few times to see our son squatting, then resumed eating. No wonder he has issues.


Brooke said...

The little man just needed some space... I say give it to him!!!

Carol said...

That boy just has a mind of his own ... he "knew" what he wanted.
I say ... "whatever works"! (and it did...the food was DELICIOUS, by the way). What a little character. Love him to death!!

Grandma Carol

Jon and Ali said...

Hey...this was good for else will he learn the rules of the streets! Yeah, Street Smarts.

Alana said...

Ha Ha! He looks so cute & so grown up!

Tiff said...

You're little guy sounds hilarious. You two have such good attitudes about it. It makes it all better when you can laugh about it. So cute though!