Wednesday, July 22, 2015

bear lake

Ann Dee texted me after Christmas about this awesome cabin in Bear Lake her friend owns.

Little known fact about me: One time my mom dropped me off at Bear Lake with a few friends in 8th grade and left me there for three weeks to camp in tents and pick berries to earn my meals.

I was happy to return and this time sleep in a bed and shower in a bathroom that wasn't a KOA.

First, Kari's baby's blessing in Cedar City:


Then we made the trip and I remembered how beautiful Utah is.  Especially in summertime.

Most grandmas don't tube.  This one was first to jump in.

This was when Tod decided he wanted to tube so he gave me a 30 second lesson on how to drive a boat.  I spent the next 10 minutes throwing  him around like a rag doll while all the children cried, "HE'S GONNA DIE!  Mom!!!  He's FLYING IN THE AIR!  STOOOOOPPP!"  

Please can we do this again, Ann Dee.  Please.

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Carol said...

This is what we used to do with our kids! Boating, waterskiing & tubing was a big part of our Summers. I miss it. Looks like you had a wonderful time ... the kids are so cute!