Thursday, June 18, 2015

happy birthday tommy-toe

My baby is one.

 A few apologies:

Sorry you're in the car a million times per day.

Sorry you don't always get your naps.

Sorry your brothers wrestle you although I think you really like it.

Sorry you wear the same outfit until it is completely ruined.

Sorry you usually get bathed on Saturdays only and/or in the case of a blow out.

Sorry I haven't brushed your teeth yet.

Sorry your bedtime routine consists of a diaper change and a kiss on the head.  Oh and a song...I usually sing you a song on my way out the door.

Sorry the cupcake we gave you on your birthday wasn't inhaled that thing in less than two minutes.

I'm sorry you live in a cage 90% of your life.  I feel obligated to save you from Legos, batteries, coins and other choking hazards.  But I also have to make dinner and take care of a few other kids.  The cage felt necessary.  Don't worry....when you learn to walk we'll give you free time outside the confines.

Sorry we didn't take you to the beach at Bear Lake.  It was covered in sea shells and you still take two naps a day.  You seemed to really enjoy the cabin anyways sunblock needed.

My sweet Thomas...sorry you'll always be the baby but'll eat at more restaurants later than your three siblings combined.  Hang in there....lots of perks ahead.


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