Friday, November 22, 2013

i miss megan

Four years ago Megan moved to Canada.  She gets to go to the doctor for free but she lives in an arctic tundra about nine months out of the year.  Seems worth it.
After about 18 months of phone calls only (don't even talk to Tod about the bill) she came back to her homeland to run the St. George marathon.  ALONE!  She trained in the snow...ALONE!  I joined her for a kidless weekend and let me tell was good to see her again.  Good to talk about everything.  Good to disagree about some stuff and agree on others.  My best friends don't feel like they have to always agree with me...where's the fun in that?  We had some good chats and I got to run the last couple miles with her.  She hadn't even broken a sweat.  Megan is a babe and is good at anything she tries.  She never used to work out -- EVER.  Suddenly she's a marathon runner with three kids like it's nothing.
And she met Ruby for the first time -- instant friends.  My daughter is a genius.

Proud of my Canadian.

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