Wednesday, October 23, 2013

october so far

 Aunt Megan visited the United States this month.  We even got away from our kids together for a weekend.  More on this later.  She finally met Ruby and they were fast friends.

 Lennon has created a makeshift office space in a corner of the family room.  The clean part of me wants to rip it all down and make him put it all away.  The mom in me is proud and has let it be for two weeks.  Kind of a big deal for me.
 How can I shut him down when he's creating stuff like this?  Melts me.
 These things are finally gone.  I did a little dance inside imagining him dressing himself! bathing himself! riding his bike again!  That was a long four weeks; poor guy.
 Aunt Amy and Uncle Kevin came to visit.  We took them hiking up at Red Rock.  Seriously, October is gorgeous in Las Vegas.

 Sorry about this one.

Here's a picture of Tod reading one of the signs.  I never read any signs, ever.  Unless they indicate danger.  Otherwise, I'm on my way.
More later.  Feeling lazy lately.

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