Monday, September 30, 2013

eating all of maui

Everything tastes better in Hawaii.  People who are generally careful eaters land in Hawaii and take on different appetites completely.  I ordered dessert several times per day.  Then ate cookies in bed before sleeping. I'd order a healthy omelet for breakfast then ask for Stuffed French Toast as a side. Smothered every dish with coconut syrup and once requested Pink Salted Fries instead of a salad at dinner.  I kept ordering these homemade pies baked with an omelet inside just because. The server would ask if we wanted to share dessert and the answer was almost always NO.  

It was heavenly. 


The day we drove to the airport I wore jeans.  Jeans that fit perfectly before the trip.  Before boarding the plane I had to change into my stretchy yoga way was I going to be able to breathe otherwise.  

Worth every pound.


IronLawGirl said...

You two are like the only two people who could get away with eating all that and still having rocking bods!

Rick & Eve said...

I know. Doesn't look like you need to worry about fitting into any jeans to me. I just looked up coconut syrup on Amazon and am tempted to order some. Watch out if you ever go on a cruise, if you haven't been before. I may have had 2 dinners on the same night just because it was so good and included in the price!