Sunday, July 7, 2013

i make surgery look good

Six years ago my headaches were so bad I went to a neurologist, an allergist, an one could figure it out.  I finally had a friend suggest an ENT -- maybe I had sinus problems?  Yes.  Six years ago I had surgery to clear out my sinuses and he promised I'd need surgery again five years later.
He was right.
I put it off because surgery is scary.  I hate IVs.  I hate recovering.  And more than anything, I hate not being able to sleep or breathe.  But headaches are worse.
So June 12th I went in.
 My wait time before surgery was about two hours.  All that time to contemplate mortality, my will, how Tod will go on as a single dad, will he even bathe those kids?
 Compression stockings.  So much for my painted nails and spray tan.  I was looking good.
 But looking even better after surgery.  Note: For three days, my nose was packed with gauze.  I couldn't breathe through it, eat, taste, or sleep.  I was a lot of fun.  Just ask my mom. 
Tod filmed the doctor taking out the packings.  Thanks honey.  Please make that public just as soon as you can.
Final note: Ryan, be easy on me.
  THANK YOU THANK YOU to my mom for coming out to help.  She cleaned up, took the boys out, and even bought them water balloons and a blow up pool.  She also endured two seasons of Sister Wives with me (FASCINATING!) then whipped out some sponge curlers for Ruby.
 These brought back a lot of memories although all of mine were pink...
 And while this looks like a baby from the 50s, Ruby and I both appreciated the effort and time taken.
And finally thanks to Tod who picked up the slack after my mom left.  No heavy lifting for a couple weeks which meant he did a lot of this and I did a lot of laying on the couch. 
Although now I'm breathing like a champ.  Ahhhhhhhhh.


Ryan Smart said...

I don't know what you're talking about, I would never judge...your hair looks fantastic.

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