Friday, June 14, 2013

atlanta (with FIXED PICTURES!)

(Pictures are fixed.  Siggggghhhh)
[I recently quit Facebook.  So it's very likely/possible that no one will read this.  Which is just as well.  That is a whole other post...]
I was obsessed with Gone with the Wind while pregnant with Ruby.  Read the entire thing and wept, laughed, and then became fixed on the idea of visiting Atlanta, GA. 
Meanwhile, one of our best friends Eric was falling in love with a girl who lived in...of all places...Atlanta.
They decided to marry there in May. We wouldn't have missed it.
Tod and Eric.  To make a long story short, Eric is one of the best guys we know.  This wedding was special -- seeing two good people finding love and happiness in each other was inspiring. 
Eric's new wife Ruth and the groomsmen
Eric's daughter Maggie and me
Ruth's girls and me
All three girls - now sisters
The best hosts Atlanta has to offer -- Ryan and Erica.  I've been friends with Ryan for as long as I can remember and they happen to live near Atlanta.  They also happen to know every good place to eat for any occasion.  We ate more that weekend than we did the entire month of May at home.  Picture above was taken at Canoe -- want an incredible meal on the water at dusk?  Call these guys.

Another note about the Smarts -- their house was perfect. Not one junk drawer, not one unfolded towel, not one item out of place.  It inspired me to return home and seriously, seriously consider cleaning out my own closets. I am still thinking I'll do it.  Soon. 
We also hung out with this guy -- one of my favorite friends from high school.  Mr. Paul Pratt and I go way back and it was so fun to see him as a husband and dad.  My friends have great taste in girls and married cool wives.  It was a fun night catching up.
Our stroll through the woods.  I will pack my belongings and move here in a heartbeat if someone will just force Tod to start a new business in the south.  We were so in love with all the trees, the people and the food...THE FOOD!
Maybe my favorite part of the trip, Ms. Camryn.  It was sad saying goodbye but luckily she and Lennon are now penpals.  It was fun being around Ryan's kids since ours were back home.  PS - Huge shout out to Karic for holding down the fort for four days while we slept in and ate out.  You guys are going to heaven.
Memorial Day in the south -- nothing like it.
 Handstand in front of the Pie Hole for Tiff.
Hotel -- view from lobby looking up.

Look at this street.  Will someone please buy me a house on this street?  I will paint my little fence white and sit on my porch all day long.  I will cook with grease and make lemonade for all the neighbors.
Plllllllleeeeease.  Let's chip in and make this happen.

And finally Tod.  We haven't traveled alone in awhile so I forgot the little things.  Like how Tod Wever never, ever, needs to hold onto a handle during an airport tram ride.  I think it's core strength.  Or pride.  Non-conformist?
Either way -- we give Atlanta two huge thumbs up. 


Ryan Smart said...

Highlight of living in Atlanta-having the Wevers come visit. You guys were the perfect house guests/conversationalists. We loved every minute of it-I also love that Camryn has another Best Friend Holly, who likes pink and princesses as much as she does. However I told her I don't support your pink pants. Love you guys!

carey said...

Why quit FB? I feel a love/hate relationship with it. I think about quitting but then how are my 140 closest friends gonna see how cute my kids are :-)