Monday, April 1, 2013

regular life -- day one

Spring break is over.  It was nice to forget about packing lunches, getting kids out the door every morning or picking them up at a certain time.  Lazy mornings and even lazier afternoons.  Makes me excited for summer. 
Easter morning began with Lennon slamming our door open at 3:46 am screaming, "LARRY THREW UP!  LARRY THREW UP!"  We both flew out of bed as Lennon (loudly) recalled the event...blow by blow.  Larry definitely wasn't feeling well on Saturday and had a low grade fever that afternoon.  So even though I'd ironed (???!!!) everyone's church clothes on Saturday and had everything laid out and organized, only Lennon and I attended church Easter Sunday.  Getting one other person ready for church is soooooo easy.  So while I've enjoyed everyone's nice family Easter portraits, here is ours:

 Plus pictures the boys drew for the Easter Bunny to enjoy during his visit:
 Can you guess which helicopter is Tod's and which one is Lennon's? 
 Finally...all the Easter candy out and available.  I think I ate most of that bunny's head.
 Dad and Ruby at the park Saturday before Larry got sick.  Last Easter Sunday we brought her home from the hospital.  I was so excited to be home that I climbed onto the trampoline (that I hadn't been able to enjoy pregnant) and took one big jump...while that was a huge mistake I was still glad to be home.  My little chick turns one on Saturday.  Unreal.
Happy Easter.  Goodbye Spring Break.  And day seven -- no yelling.
Oh and p.s. Tod made an announcement this weekend:
"I fall asleep on my way to work almost everyday."
Watch out for a '99 black 4-Runner on the US 95 heading south around 9 am daily.


Carol said...

So sorry Larry got sick over Easter? What a bummer!! I hope the rest of the family doesn't catch it. Get Tod to drink a coke on his way to work or do something to keep himself from nodding off! That really really scares me. I've never tried those energy drinks that make your eyes bulge out of your head, but if it would keep your hubby awake ... He'd only look funny for a little while & his office staff might enjoy his "jabbering" & bouncing off the walls.

marlowe said...

**sigh** throw ups .. mashed lipsticks and spilled egg dye ... top three of my "won't miss" list. Your family is beautiful!

Ryan Smart said...

I don't know how I missed the previous post; if you knew I was going to ask how those pink "pants" got purchased in the first place then yeah, you did. I want to say that you can pull anything off...but I won't. Love you guys.