Wednesday, August 8, 2012

what cartel?

When the McPhies say Mexico, the Wevers say yes.
When the Wevers ask other friends if this is a good idea, 9 out of 10 say NO.

We went anyways.

As we crossed the border I observed this sign of an exploding gun on it.  Well if those are forbidden then we should be fine...
And we were fine.

Mexico is beautiful.  And cheap.  While all of you were spending thousands on the white sands of Hawaii or Newport...we were not.  Joke's on you?  Or maybe on us.

Cute condo but no cell service?  Waiting for the McPhies to call our actual phone from the 90s.

High drop...too high for me
See how safe we look?

No lifeguards means no rules.  Ever.  For anything.

Babe on a couch

Not pictured: The day we grilled then locked our kids out on the deck while we enjoyed our meal in peace.  We were too relaxed to take a picture.

Babe in the sun with her cute dad.

Dad in Kristin's hat protecting babe from the sun.
Lennon watching for sharks
I think I took this when Kristin left me for a $10 massage on the beach. 

Kristin and kids.

Shopping -- Lennon started walking up to vendors saying, " much for this turtle...hey, how much for that floatie?"
And our final dinner at Z Tejas before parting ways.  Safe and sound in the U.S. again. 
And we only saw machine guns once.  Wait...twice.

Until next summer McPhies...


kklowell said...

Hey, I want a $10.00 massage on the beach.

IronLawGirl said...

That. Was. Awesome!! And today I got all sad when i thought that a week ago we were eagerly waiting for the Wevers to get here so we could go to Mexico!!

Also, how did I not notice those gorgeous palm leaves on the wall of your condo? We might have to go back so I can enjoy them in person.

Thanks for risking your lives with us, we wouldn't have wanted to die with anyone else!

Carol said...

Glad you had a safe & Fun filled vacation. Your pics are great. It all looks gorgeous & mighty inviting ... and only 2 machine guns? Is there any chance grandparents could tag along sometime ... I agree w/Karen ... Ten dollar massages on the beach would be very nice. Hmmm? :-)

Ryan Smart said...

Dangerous schmangerous. Taking from someone who grew up in Mexico-the cartel owns all the tropical regions and hotel chains-they aren't going to decapitate and dissolve American bodies and risk low hotel occupancy. Plus I think we look poor and no one would want to listen to my kids talk that much. Mexico, specifically Cancun is my favorite place on earth. No better food, super cheap and truly the most beautiful beaches. Next time we're in!

MediocreMama said...

Ryan, I agree. Mexico is one of our favorite places. You really can't beat Cancun. I die a little just remembering those delicious tortillas...

MediocreMama said...

Oh and Ryan we thought of you over the weekend because Kristin is training for her first Ironman as well...while we laid on the beach she did her swim in the ocean. It was relaxing to watch.