Monday, August 13, 2012

feeling Blue

Our weekend started off with a color code test.

I'm reading The Color Code this month and took the quiz as we watched the Olympics Friday night.

Me: As a parent am I: demanding, quick tempered, and/or compromising or am I concerned, sensitive, and/or critical?  I think I'm concerned and sensitive...

Tod: No way. Demanding and quick tempered.  For sure.

Me: But when the boys have had a bad day I usually --

Tod: No.

Five minutes pass

Me: Am I dominant, ---

Tod: Yes, dominant.

Me: You didn't let me finish; there are three other options...

Tod: Don't need to hear them.  Dominant.

It turns out I am a Blue with Red in quick second.  No white, no yellow.  Which means I am not peaceful and I am not fun.  No yellow had me depressed most of the weekend (BLUE).  Not as depressed as Tod, however, who was also in a funk Friday night.

Me: What is wrong with you.

Tod: Nothing.

Me: You're glued to the TV.

Tod: (Sigh) It's the Olympics.  They're getting me down.

Me: They're getting you DOWN?

Tod: I sit here and watch these champions win medals...and I wonder what I'm doing with my life?  What are my talents?  I want to be a champion at something.  I thought about it all week and tried to figure out which event I could possibly win at but...

Me: I think it's a little late for that.

Tod: And that's the other thing...I'm getting so old....

While the rest of us were uplifted and inspired by the Olympics, Tod felt lazy and inadequate (BLUE) for 17 days.  Don't believe me?  His drawing during dinner Saturday night:

 What else could that mean?

And finally Sunday.  Church ends.  Kids are tired.  Mom is tired.  Baby is falling asleep.  Tod is chatting.  Chat chat chatting away (YELLOW).  Kids start fighting.  Mom drags everyone out to the car.  Car is H-O-T.  Seatbelt burns Larry.  Larry starts crying.  Mom spies two chocolate chips cookies from Lennon's teacher.  She opens them up and passes them out.  Dad gets in the car.  We drive away in silence.  Until Dad turns around and sees.  Then he does that thing where he asks a question  already knowing the answer:

Tod: Who gave you guys those cookies to eat in your church clothes (RED)?

Me: Ohhhhh brother.  They can handle ONE COOKIE.  They were starving.  It's not like they're going to make a huge mess with one cookie each....relax (BLUE).



Ann Dee said...

If Tod started RIGHT NOW he could compete in the speed walking. Ten bucks he could. Or the skeleton in the winter olympics. I've already been through this.

Ryan Smart said...

First off, I am Blue Red-same depressing result as you. No suprise here. Although I know there has to be some yellow in there somewhere-there must! Secondly, I said almost the EXACT same thing to Erica about the Olympics, which I remember our conversation at dinner-"I want to dominate something". Tell Tod to come do Ironman, it's the only solution I had for my pathetic non-achievement life. Oh and Tod could only silver medal in speed walking-my mom owns that. I had to rollerblade to keep up with her as a kid. It's freakish. Come visit GA please.

MediocreMama said...

Ann Dee, I'm not even going to tell you what Tod said about the male speed walkers.

And Ryan...Tod can't swim. I mean he doesn't drown in pools but he actually might drown in an Ironman.

IronLawGirl said...

Oh, I thought for sure Tod could do wrestling. He likes wearing the singlet I'm sure, and then his friend would be shocked and sad when he sees that Tod, in fact, can go deeper!

You've got so much yellow! That's what I used to be. but I don't think I'm quite as outgoing anymore.