Tuesday, May 8, 2012

note to heaven

Hey Dad. 

So.....do you still follow my blog?  You were such a loyal reader before you died.  In case you're still there, we miss you.  Two years ago today you left us and nothing has been the same since. 

We are doing well. Lennon still talks about you all the time.  The other day I asked what he remembered about you.  His answer:

"I remember we ate on the deck a lot and he always wanted to do whatever I wanted to do...and he always listened to everything I said.  Don't you think that means he loved me a lot?  Since he was always listening?"

Whenever Larry sees a picture of you he points and yells, "PAPA!" like you never left.  He is learning his letters and beats us at UNO nine times out of ten.  You would love hanging out with him.  Tod would want me to add that his lats are getting stronger every day.

And Lux.  She is perfect.  She would've had you under a spell.  Just seconds before she was born I suddenly started thinking of you.  It made me wonder if you were there.  If you were telling her goodbye as we met her for the first time.  I'm not sure how things work up there but I'd like to believe you two know each other well.

This morning on my run jog walk I thought of you.  Pandora played all your favorite songs.  It felt like you were telling me hi and letting me know you're there.  I passed all my regulars who walk the same route.  Most of them twenty or thirty years older than you were.  I always wonder why do some people get old and some die young?  Why do some people get sick and others stay healthy?  Thanks for showing that either way it doesn't matter.  Do your best.  Don't complain.  Have some faith.  Be happy with what you've been given.  Life is good.

Missing you today, Holly


Emily said...

Such a sweet tribute Holly!

Jillian said...

...and now I am crying at work.

Ginny Marie said...

Oh, so hard! I'm sure your dad got your note. :)

My mom died two years ago, too. She used read my blog every day!

Lemon Drop Pie

Laisa said...

Thanks for sharing, Hol. What a beautiful post.

More importantly, is it Larry's lats that are getting bigger or Tod's?

MediocreMama said...

Thanks everyone!

Lais, Tod wants everyone to know that LARRY'S lats are getting bigger everyday. Haha...

Lindsey F. said...

So sweet holly! You made me cry. You look like your dad. I always wonder what's going on up there before the little babes are born too. I have to believe that your dad was there with that sweet little girl of yours and there with you all as she came into the world. You are an amazing person!