Tuesday, February 21, 2012

lazy AZ

Cute downtown
So many flowers
Tod and I were in Scottsdale last week for a work conference.  Usually I go to classes with him but since sitting hurts worse than sprinting these days I opted for other activities.  These included:

Me on my daily walk...shadow looks funny because sweatshirt is around my waist.  No, I'm not wearing a long, tiered skirt.

  • room service
  • Arizona's 100th birthday party at the McPhies
  • movies on HBO
  • naps
  • lunch with friends
  • breakfast with friends
  • dinner with friends
  • afternoons shopping downtown...alone
  • Sprinkles cupcakes
  • reading my book
  • a pedicure
  • contracting a TTD (Toe Transmitted Disease) during pedicure.

Yes, I am sad to announce that during my pedicure at a questionable facility my big toe started stinging.  I looked at it and the skin was starting to blister.  After I left, this is what it looked like.  I was so disgusted and horrified that I called the place and asked what kind of sanitizing standards they practice with their tubs.  Manager hasn't called me back yet. 

I'm sure she will.

Tod had all kinds of great jokes about it including how this was my fault for not practicing safe pedicures and how next time I'd be wise to wear a condom...on my toe.  It's always funny when it's not your toe.

Besides this unfortunate event I sort of fell in love with the place and tried to think of an excuse to move there.  Whenever we leave Vegas we're always so inspired by how classy cities can be.  Does it get dirtier than our downtown?  I don't think so.  We saw museums and art galleries and nearly died. 

AZ, thanks for the lazy week.  I have a feeling it will be awhile before I get another one.


IronLawGirl said...

PLEASE move here! Tod can find a new job in AZ ;)
Seriously though, I'm so glad we got to spend some time with you guys, and especially glad you coordinated you whole trip to be here for the AZ Centennial!

tod said...

Holly, I didn't say to use any old condom...I told you to use a "toe condom" which is specifically designed for people's toes and their active lifestyles. They are actually very much available since Obama started giving them to all the school kids for free. Pedicures are all fun and games until somebody gets a TTD.