Monday, November 7, 2011

[hormonal] halloween rant

I just want to say that next year, if a 10 year old girl knocks on my door Trick-or-Treating in a Hooters outfit (cleavage, booty shorts, fishnets) I am going to hold on to her candy until I find out who funded such a costume. 

Also, next year if that same kid rings my doorbell and decides to charm me with his original, "Trick or Treat...smell my feet, give me something good to eat...if you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your underwear," I will not be putting candy in his bag.  When he did it this year I was so bewildered that when he finished I said loudly (parents are out on the street), "You want me to SMELL your FEET?  And you're saying if I don't smell your feet you'll PULL DOWN MY UNDERWEAR?  That's sort of a weird thing to say..."  Next year I'll be more hardcore about that kid.  No candy.  Get off my porch.

Hopefully next year I won't be pregnant so I can eat the stuff I usually enjoy.  This year I binged on blue tootsie rolls and sweet tarts which made me think I was someone else entirely. 

And next year I'm going to remember why this year was the best Halloween yet...because we celebrated it ON HALLOWEEN.  Our ward Trunk-or-Treat was cancelled which made me sad for half a second until I recalled past years of my kids trick or treating ten times before Halloween even arrived which left me burnt out and bitter and them sugary and spoiled.  This year we celebrated Halloween for one day (like in the old days, remember?) and I felt much better about the holiday overall. 
Pictured here: The Old Days
But Happy Halloween everyone, I hope it was fantastic.

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Christina said...

I chaperoned my daughter's middle school Halloween dance and was shocked at some of the hoochie costumes some of the 11-13 year old girls were wearing. It is so sad to me. What are their parent's thinking?

I miss the old days too. It really is getting to be too much. I was going to skip our ward party, until Cameron volunteered us to do a door (they do it inside and go from roomto room), without my permission.