Monday, October 17, 2011

I never win anything but

last summer I won a free family session with Ms. Amy Leavitt, who wanted to capture a family doing everyday stuff.  While I promised her the Wevers washing their cars in string bikinis and speedos, she got us fully dressed.  I didn't want to scare the neighbors...and I didn't think I'd actually win.

So we met her at the park across the street from our house and here's what she came up with:

I look so macho in this picture.

I want to frame this one. 
She is incredible.  I don't think there are words to express how much Tod hates pictures.  He gets all uncomfortable and stiff and weird and sweaty...after our wedding all he could talk about was how difficult it was to have all those pictures taken.  Amy let us play with the kids, chatted with us about hers, and captured it all.  And he loves the result.  So do I.  Check out her website and give her a call if you live in the area.  Oh and click HERE if you want to see the newborn pictures she took of my two day old Larry...melts me every time.

Thanks again, Amy.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you're the nicest person on earth. You deserve to win everything!

Christina said...

Cameron is the same way about pictures. He hates them. I won a package from Amy last year and he didn't complain once while we were getting them done. Amy is the best!!!

I love how fun and relaxed your pictures turned out.

Tiffany said...

I love sessions like this that are more candid and real...they are my fave! Yours tuned out great! Love the one of Lennon hiding under the blanket :)
The way you describe Todd and picture-taking makes me think of the Friends episode where Chandler can't take a good engagement picture with Monica cuz he gets too nervous and awkward...if you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to watch it with Todd.

Belly Buddy said...

These are awesome.