Sunday, October 30, 2011

happiest boys on earth

We did it.  And yes, I made my family run from the parking lot to the park to beat the crowds.  Yes we had a schedule and yes we ate our meals in line.  But thanks to the Bells and their expertise we made the most of this trip.  One phone call to them in Houston proved helpful:

Me: "I don't think we'll take our will probably get in the way and the boys don't like riding in it anyway..."
Melissa: (Who first yells [laughing], "Q, they weren't going to take a stroller!") to which we hear Q respond, "Whoa, huge rookie mistake...You're taking the stroller.  Make it a double stroller.  Bring your cooler, too and don't forget a backpack."


We did everything they told us to and Disneyland finally felt worth the time/effort/money.  

Eating in line

A soaked Lennon amazed to see Winnie the Pooh in person

Me and Lennon right after Splash Mountain.  I can't believe he did it.

 While we did great making it to all the rides, I was a piece of crap parent when it came to pictures.  No pictures with Mickey, no pictures with Woody, no pictures in front of any Disneyland sign.  However, here we are at the gates...

 Some highlights of the trip included short lines, the new Star Tours ride and visiting California Adventure for the first time...I think the low point was when my mom told me my $30 stroller from Craigslist looked like the Beverly Hillbilly's car...

 And here is Lennon who took the dare and rode Tower of Terrors...Tod said he was the only kid on it which just made me even prouder.  I want my kids to love roller coasters like I did.  
 Larry relaxing after day one...minus pants.  

 Both kids liked the Madderhorn.  Hopefully the baby did, too.
 Lennon studied maps all day long 
Not pictured: 9 pm - Day Two.  We had just stood in line for an hour waiting for the 30 minute water show at California Adventure.  Tod had Lennon on his shoulders and I had Larry on mine.  When it ended I tried walking but something inside me decided no more.  I was done.  Tod kindly wheeled me out to the parking garage (this took over an hour BTW)(crowds, a few detours where we maybe got totally lost) in the double stroller I'm so thankful we packed.  Strollers are incredible; I'm shocked kids resist them at all, ever.

I got a few dirty looks from people who (I'm guessing) were jealous they didn't think of it first.

Until next time, Disneyland.


Christina said...

I love Disneyland at Halloween. I'm so jealous. If you get really brave, take them at Christmas one of these years. It is truly magical.

And I love that you rode in the stroller.

MediocreMama said...

Christina, we braved Christmas a couple years ago and while it was magical, the lines were like two hours long. I swore I'd never go back. This was much better.

Their Christmas/Halloween decorations really are so cool though.

IronLawGirl said...

Number one or number two?
That is awesome BTW.

Also, Ryan's ethical side is thinking we can't get season passes. Yes, that means that he thinks you guys are extremely unethical. ;)

Love it!

Meegan said...

I think the Bells should start a Disney Vacay consulting business. They made our trip a raving success as well. Glad you survived it, looks like you had a lot of fun! -m.

The Bell Family said...

Your success pleases me very much. Those that don't enjoy Disneyland have not researched appropriately and/or are lazy. Looking forward to our next trip.

Lindsay said...

K so I took my oldest on the tower of terror when he was 4 and just about scarred him for life. I thought I was going to have to change his shorts when we were done. He's almost 9 i'll have to ask him if he'll ever go on it again?