Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mom's birthday.  I've been thinking about her all week.  30 years of memories.  Like the time she was on the phone so I took some scissors and cut off my long blonde hair to make Tommy laugh.  I was four and she was furious.  F-U-R-I-O-U-S.

Or what about the orange VW bug my parents drove when we were little that had springs coming out of the back seats and you could see the freeway beneath your feet?  We were like the Flintstones.
My Grandma Jewel, Larry, and my mom
I also have countless memories of her reading to us.  It was a priority in her day.  There are few opinions I trust about a book but hers is one of them.  I think I'll read extra books to the boys for her birthday even though Lennon peed on our floor in his sleep last night and Larry has decided sharing just isn't "his thing."
Mom and her four boys
 I thought about how when my mom wants something, she goes and gets it.  She wanted to take us to Disneyland so she babysat kids and worked at night until we had the money to go.  She wanted a new kitchen so she scraped popcorn off the ceiling herself and textured it.  Texturized it?  She made sure every Christmas was a success, that she was in the stands for every game (even in the snow), and took care of us when my dad suddenly couldn't.  She is the reason I wanted an education.  I will tell my daughters (oh wait, maybe I can tell your daughters?) her story so they earn theirs, too.  She never sat around waiting for someone else to take care of her or make her life happen.
My mom and her sisters at Karic's wedding
And next to Tod she is still my best friend.  She's the one I call at 4 pm when the day is over but not even close to being over.  She knows what is important and gives excellent advice.  She is a mom to so many more than her four kids.  She takes care of everyone around her.  My mom is smart, scary (ask any of my former boyfriends), and super, super funny.  
Perfect combination.

Happy Birthday, Mom.  WE LOVE YOU!


Tiffani said...

That is a realllllly sweet tribute to your mom. I bet it made her birthday.

In other news...I saw that your a Bachelor addict. Me too (I'm somewhat ashamed to admit.) Do you read this blog?

If you don't, you need to start. Because it's the best thing about the Bach franchise. You're laugh out loud. :)

MediocreMama said...

T, thanks for the recommendation...I just spent a good 30 minutes reading and laughing. Glad I'm not the only one watching this trash.

Katy said...

Karen really is a mom to many people. She has always sorta been a mom to Ann Dee and I and now especially ... and she is a grandma to Ann Dee's boys and I hope to mine too one day ... Will Lennon and Larry allow that?

Carol said...

I'm teary-eyed from your beautiful Birthday tribute to your mom. She's a lucky lady to be so admired and loved. (Not to mention she raised a very special daughter ... YOU!)

MediocreMama said...

Katy - I've thought the same thing. I am glad you guys live closer to her so she has those boys when mine aren't there and someday your kids, too. And with Grandma...I'm glad you guys have her.

Carol - Thanks! She is a special lady, as are you. :)

Ann Dee said...

I love karen. And I love you. thanks holly