Tuesday, June 14, 2011

To Ericacaca

I have a friend named Erica. She is a real friend. Like the one who takes my kid when my other kid is in the hospital and drives me to the gym everyday when my car is in the shop for ten years. She also gives me good advice, like the time I sat on her couch at midnight worrying about stuff I couldn't control and she told me to pretend it was all in a balloon and to watch it float out of sight. I started picturing balloons in the shower, in the car, everywhere.

And it worked.

Her daughter is puking vomiting today, so this post is for her. Those days are the worst. And I wasn't going to mention this but I've now beat her twice in a row in Words With Friends. She must feel so hopeless right now.

Day began with pool and sprinklers but little Larry overheated so we moved it inside...
 I provided some blocks for entertainment but they stayed in this pile.
 Oh, and in Lennon's underwear.  I thought something looked bulky then I noticed the horizontal action going on....so inappropriate, Lennon.  So inappropriate.

 Cushion wrestling ensued which it usually does.  So far Lennon's only made Larry cry 1,304 times today. 

I also made a recent discovery on Larry's crib.  Apparently he's a chewer.  Or a future serial killer.  Time will tell.
 Speaking of Larry, I was fluffing his locks this morning then noticed he has Tod's least favorite look on women.  He hates when girls' hair flips up and fluffs  out in the back like a duck's tail.
Like hers.
Although when looking for this picture above, I found this picture:
Look, I just made everyone's day better. 

Love you Ericacaca.


Sarah said...

Our RS is doing a pool day Friday at 11 at the Willows pool...If you want to come, I can pick you up. I know that I don't drive a cool minivan like Erica, but at least with the dark tint on my windows no one will see what you're doing.

ericareynolds said...

Love you too. Thank you. I'm glad you are back from your blog vacation. NO MORE TIME OFF! :)