Monday, June 6, 2011

missing out

My mom is far far away.  Which is hard because we talk everyday.  But I guess when you've raised four kids and work full-time you feel like you need a break...or a two week European cruise.  Siggggghhhhhh.

I just hope she doesn't feel sad she's missed so much already.

Like Larry trying out lipstick because his parents chose sleeping in over supervising their children Saturday morning.

 Lennon agreed to accompany me to a doctor's appointment last week. 
Wearing this:
 I'm car-less most days and besides rides from Erica to the gym (THANK YOU) I've been forced back in time to Cindy Crawford's total body workout DVDs.  Larry joined me this morning. 
 I said a few cuss words when I found this #$%& lawnmower in my laundry pile...again.  I feel like that mower is everywhere.  I'm tripping on it in the kitchen, it's on the stairs, it's in the boys' room and now it's in my laundry. 
My life is not my own.
 Back to having no car: Not going places means letting the boys dress themselves.  This is what Lennon came up with today: 
 And finally, on Saturday the boys were invited to a birthday party at a pony farm.  Yes, a pony farm in Las Vegas.  While the animals seemed somewhat deformed the boys had a lot of fun. 
Not pictured: The cube of butter Larry decided to slather all over his hair and face right before we left for the pony party...he slid right into his second outfit no problem.
 Lennon chatted it up with the farmer who may or may not have been semi-abusive to the animals.
 Larry rides a pony.
 So does Lennon.
 And they both got to touch this huge, black pig.
Hope she's having as much fun as us.

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Carol said...

For some reason, Lar Bear seems to have an affinity for your makeup drawer. When I was babysitting, he kept getting into your mascara. Is he trying to tell us something?
(Yeah ... he wants to be "bootiful" like his mommy.)