Friday, April 8, 2011

Ode to Alana

Every night Lennon asks for the same thing.

"Tell me a story about Holly and Alana."

Last night was the time we splattered Jell-o all over my mom's kitchen.  Another favorite was the time we popped microwave popcorn for 30 minutes intstead of 3 minutes so we took the black bag and hid it under her sister Lisa's bed.  Smoking up the whole room.  He likes the ones about meeting every summer morning in front of the Woods' house with towels around our necks and running across the golfcourse to the pool.  And then there were the retreats to East Canyon, the trips to Lake Powell, Disneyland, getting sunburned at Lake Mead and jumping off her balcony.

There are so many more.

Alana and I met 26 years ago in preschool.  We did everything together until we graduated high school.  When I say everything, I mean it.  The day before our senior year we cut off our long locks together. We spent cheer camp each summer sharing a dorm room and staying up late laughing into the night.  Our secrets were safe with each other.  Just thinking about this stuff makes me want to cry because I always felt like I had three sisters.  Kristi, Kari, Alana.  She is family.

And today she turns 30.  And she should consider herself lucky my scanner wasn't working because I had some GEMS of pictures to post.  Junior high dance pictures.  Cheer camp pictures.  High school dance pictures.  Pictures of us in our glasses at Lisa's apartment our freshman year.  Pictures of us on the beach in Florida.  And yes, I was wearing overall shorts.  Awesome.

Instead here are some recent pictures I hacked off Alana's FB page.  Without permission.  Just because I think it's important you see that she looks like this (last girl on your left):
This is her in Kaui a couple weeks ago.  Yes, those abs are real.  She is 30 and looking better than ever.  And here's the best part: I don't even hate her for it.  In fact, that's a big factor in our relationship - genuine concern when things are bad and genuine happiness for one another when things are good.  If she loses 10 pounds it's almost as good as me losing 10 pounds.  Almost.  That is not easy to find in a friend.  We've cried over breakups, divorce, death, tough decisions and we've celebrated over weddings, new jobs, purchased homes,  partner buy-outs and babies born.  That is a real friend.  Look at those abs one more time...

 She's spent the last couple years traveling all around the world from Dubai (pictured above with Heidi), to Costa Rica (where she was mugged)(but she's okay), Hawaii, and more.  She is the reason I love rollercoasters.  She was adventurous even as a little kid.  And she never sat still.  She had a gym mat in front of her TV and we never sat on the couch and relaxed.  We were stretching, we were lunging, we were back flipping, we were back bending, we were..........................
(Most recent picture of us with her buddy Becca.  Plus my crazy eyes.)
(Alana and Ace recently)

Happy Birthday to my best friend of 26 years. 
I think the next 30 are going to be even better than the first 30. Love you.


Erica said...

I love this post-you guys were a packaged deal. I remember the same shoulder lengths haircuts, glasses in elementary shcool, random experiments, yes jumping off her balcony was awesome. The two most wanted girls in high school were best friends. Nothing better than 1 true friend. Happy Birthday Alana! Someone else is turning 30 real soon if my memory serves me and you better get that scanner working. You guys looked too amazing to not post some of that shiz. I'm glad I still know both of you.

Erica said...

this is Ryan-obviously.

Nancy said...

When you say jumping off her balcony do you mean the one in her house? Cuz I used to do that at my house too! (Same floor plan)

alana said...

HOLLY! I am so flattered by this post! Your friendship means the world, and I love you like family too. You are such an amazing woman, and I look up to you a lot. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you!!! Thanks for the birthday cook book too. It's made me and many more people very very happy. Bring on 30! So far so good, and guess what... YOU'RE NEXT!

Jek said...

Well, looks like Alana has inspired me to hit the gym. Happy birthday Alana!

KelliJamison said...

If you find old pictures, please find the one of Wayne and Garth...that is my favorite Halloween costume to date. You guys were always so cool:)

And that balcony was awesome!

Happy birthday Alana!! And yes, she looks amazing! Always has!

The Bell Family said...

I simply cannot wait until August 15 when I'm sure you plan to pay me a similar tribute. I'll get you a nice shot of my abs so you can not hate me for it as well.


diana said...

Happy birthday to Alana! Can I be allowed to hate those abs just a little?

You two were always so cute so fun and so sweet. And I always admired Alana. I still brag about my friend who could do an ariel back handspring backtuck. Amazing.

And gorgeous. Seriously.

Heidi Ann said...

Love this post Holly! We are so lucky to be friends with her. A class act in every way .. but don't put it past her to jump off a balcony or two and stay up ALL night at sleepovers...still does this .. and we LIVE together! I loved reading all your memories of growing up together and every time she tells me she talked to you I probably sound like your son, "So tell me about Holly! What did you guys talk about?". I love that I've gotten to know you through her...and your blog:) It would be so fun to tag along with her sometime and come visit you!

Cortney said...

Amen, Holly! Alana looks great! Happy Birthday Alana! I am glad to see you are both doing so well!