Friday, January 21, 2011

Larry's Hair and Lennon's Haircut

The first thing I want to say is that there is no shame in trying to save money.  Ever. 
 So if your child needs a haircut and you just happen to have all the needed tools, should you try to cut it yourself?  I say sure...go for it.  Why not.
 This is why not.  Once I took off the guard that damn trimmer had a mind of its own.
 The second thing I want to say is Larry, you melt me.
Tod calls this look The Flame.

Lennon, sorry about the buzz gone bad...maybe Larry will share a few locks.


IronLawGirl said...

Oh how cute! I think every kid has to have a bad hair cut sometime right? But I'm going to purposely give Drake a bad haircut as soon as school gets out. I'm shaving only the top of his head so he'll look like a little boy with male pattern baldness going on!! I can't wait!

Amy Bolyard said... least he's a little kid. Toby sometimes cuts his own hair because he doesn't want to pay for a haircut and he can't talk me into doing it because I know it will look bad. It's so embarrassing.

Lindsey and David said...

After you just told me to just pay the money??? It looks like the mistake is only in the back so anyone would have to be looking pretty close to notice. Just tell everyone he did it himself. I don't think anyone would doubt that Lennon would do it himself ;)

Lindsey and David said...

P.S. Larry is going to be a heartthrob with that face and beautiful hair.

Carol said...

Love The Flame! Good call, Tod.
Evan, however, thinks he has
"Troll Hair" ... I guess that works too! He's just so cute!