Thursday, November 11, 2010

My new BFF

Yesterday Lennon was sitting on my lap and decided to throw a ball square at my nose.  Hard.  Instead of yelling at him calmly telling him to stop, I had another brief stroke of genius/meanness.

Me: (looking up at the ceiling) Santa, did you see that?
Lennon: (looking up at the ceiling) Who are you talking to?
Me: Oh....nothing.  Just asking if Santa saw you throw that ball in my face.
Lennon: What's he gonna do?
Me: Well, kids who throw stuff in other people's faces don't usually get presents on Christmas, that's all.

And so on.

In fact, today Lennon picked up all his toys then looked up at the ceiling and asked, "Santa, did you see THAT?"


mandy* said...

Are you a genius? I think so.

Ryan Smart said...

amazing-my mom told us "elves" would look in our windows to check and see if we were being nice. Apparently I dragged jake over to it and pretended to hug and love him so they could's the real question...aren't kids supposed be naturally pure? Why did we lie so much? I love Lennon.

alana said...

Haha - smart parenting indeed!

Heidi Ann said...

Holly! That was the smartest plan ever! I am going to start to do that with everyone. Oh my gosh I have been meaning to write you forever now. Lane told me she talked to you yesterday and it reminded me of that so we hopped over to your blog with lane and one of my mission companions who is very dry in the sense of humor department. Let me tell you, you had us DYING of laughter last night. LOVED the stealing of the poster episode and the secrets and the list of things to do...and many more. It did make me think that I am probably a LAME blogger putting up pics of trips etc. I should start telling more about all the crappy stuff in my life! Ha. Anyways, you are great and I love that we share a best friend! I get little updates from her about you BUT you are right. We need to get down to Vegas to visit you and have a nice relaxing weekend! Thanks!

MediocreMama said...

Heidi, come come come to Vegas anytime.

And p.s. if I ever went ANYWHERE I'd blog about it. This just happens to be my reality...

The Bell Family said...

We have Mr. Jingles at our house. He's a tiny little elf that flies to the North Pole nightly to report good or bad behavior to Santa. He can see through walls and can even see us when we leave the house. It's magic and it works. All I have to say to them is, "Mr. Jingles is watching." It might sound a little creepy but i wish Mr. Jingles could live with us all all 12 months instead of one.