Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am thankful because

 ...two days a week Lennon goes to preschool and makes stuff like this: second pumpkin roll attempt was much better than the first although Tod and our friends kept harrassing me about how the powdered sugar looked gross on top (they told me it looked sweaty) and then our friend Matt grabbed a glass from our cupboard and of course it had caked chocolate protein powder in the bottom of it so then everyone had a good laugh except me because I hate when people grab the one dirty cup out of my cupboard. is over which means no more cold practices on Tuesday nights.  Also thankful that Lennon finally scored a goal although for the mostpart he just ran the perimeter of the field.  More on that here.  And don't be mad I never got him soccer socks.  Maybe next time buddy.
 ...I found this gem of a photo today which made me laugh hard.  

Happy Thanksgiving to Robin Hood and all his merry men.


Karen said...

Weird seeing Tod with another girl!!!

Kari Beth said...

Good job on the Turkey, Len!

Lindsay Clegg Sundloff said...

I love you, I am sick this morning and needed a pick me up. I can always count on your blog to do that. Thanks! Hey if you have the joker, batman, and robin all living at your house, what does that make you? (Poisin Ivy-Uma Thurman, or catwoman-Alicia Silverstone)