Saturday, October 23, 2010

I paid for roots

I can count on one hand how many people care about this topic.  So Megan, Alana, Mom(?)...this post is for you.

He's done it again.  About eight months ago Mark tried to talk me into getting roots...on purpose.

Mark: It's really in right now.
Me: I'm here to get RID of my roots.

So I stayed blonde-blonde.  Because blondes have issues with dark roots.  It's who we are.

A couple weeks ago I told him it was time...I was emotionally ready to pay for roots.

Mark: Are you sure?
Me: Yes.
Mark: Are you going to come back asking for more blonde?
Me: Maybe.

But I didn't.  I love it.  He colored the roots of my hair a darker color that gets lighter at the bottom.  I like Mark because otherwise my hair would never change.  For more on Mark, read here.  Go pay for some roots.  I want more next time.


alana said...

You are right... I do love this - thanks for posting for me :). AND I DO LOVE MARK!!! Thanks for introducing me... Just bummed I can't see him or you more often... LOVEing the roots on you too - you look great!

The Bell Family said...

I guess I am ahead of the curve becuase i've had roots for a while now just because I don't have a hairdresser in Texas yet and when I called a salon to get an appointment the girl told me it would be $220 for a cut and highlights. WHAAAA???? I think I'll keep my roots for a while.