Saturday, May 1, 2010


Tod, remember how we had a big house full of too much stuff and we had to move it to another house in a week's time?
Remember when I told you I was going to pack the closets but instead I ended up trying stuff like this on from high school and looking in the mirror wondering where the time's gone and what happened to my legs?

Remember how we loaded this trailer probably 20 times and you kept telling me, "Know your load" when I'd drive it over to the new house but I didn't really know what you meant OR my load.

Remember how the garage looked like this and I wanted to die/set it all on fire?

Or do you recall how when unpacking the kitchen I realized I must buy vinegar every time I go to the store because this picture is missing two other bottles I found later?

Remember this box of cords that we NEVER use, never HAVE used and never WILL use yet you wanted to haul it over so I got you back big time by writing this in permanent ink because you and your cords were on my nerves?

Remember when you decided to grout the new house and told me it would take an hour and 15 hours later you were still grouting?
And then you told me, "You'll be glad I did this someday," and turns out you were right.
Remember pizza everyday for a week?
...and don't forget the day your pants were falling off of you and your belts were packed so you made your own. And went in public places with it. And acted really shocked when it broke even was painting tape.

Remember how I looked like a leper and my fingers were all bloody and swollen from packing and taping and lifting because moving sucks although the kids were gone so it actually felt like a really weird vacation?
Remember our old kitchen? And how empty it looked when we walked out at 1 am on the last night?

Remember that last night when we were packing up the last of everything and argued over who had been more annoying that day? And then we were so tired we let it go and went to dinner? How we drove to Sammy's at 1:30 am and I told you we looked like crap and you said, "It's 1 am, no one will be there," but there were lots of people there on dates and in cute, clean clothes and we were dusty and sweaty so we ate our food and let everyone assume we were homeless although little did they know we actually had a new home to sleep in that night?


Sarah said...

your post made me sad...i want to see your new place.

um, you still fit in clothes from HS? i don't. i was about 20 lbs. lighter.

mandy* said...

A) How do you still fit into your cheer leading skirt? That makes me want to cry, because I think mine will only fit over one of my thighs.
2) I'm jealous that you ate Papa Johns every day for a week.
d) I think Tod should patent his belt. It's a genius idea.

MediocreMama said...

I never said the skirt fit...

Unknown said...

I was most shocked at the amount of white vinegar. I buy that about once a year. Why would you think you needed to buy it that often?

You new house looks really nice. The kitchen looks beautiful.

Every time I try to clean out my closet and get rid of old clothes all I do is end up trying on all those old clothes and dreaming about when I used to wear them. It is like memory lane.

Sammy's sounds sooooooooooooooo good.

Carol said...

You just made me laugh again! If I need to be cheered up, all I have to do is come on your blog and get a giggle or two. My son is certainly "different" ... that belt thing is hysterical. This from a kid that stayed home for a week (& got grounded) until payday when we could buy him a new pair of jeans, because he didn't want to be seen in the old ones even one more day! Funny stuff.
Thanks for the pictures & sharing the "good times".

The Bell Family said...

Wow, you really go all out when you rent a place. Re-grouting the floors? So nice of you!

This post reminds me of how bad it sucks to move.I'm glad you guys are done with it and settled in your new house. Can't wait to see it.