Friday, April 23, 2010

Indulge me

Today I planned to post about the day Tod and Lennon spent together doing yardwork...but then I thought instead I'd post about
my mom's new flowers she planted last week and how pretty I thought they were and then I realized all I wanted to talk about was
me. I'm turning 29 tomorrow so I get to have one post about something only I care about. My hair. I cut it almost seven years ago when we got married and it was short for too long. (This is when most of you are going to click over to another blog because who cares but I don't care if you don't care.) I liked it short but sort of always hated it short at the same time. Like I hated the time when I was eight months pregnant with Lennon. I was addicted to chopping my hair that entire pregnancy until a lady at a wrestling tournament commented, "Wow! Your face keeps getting bigger and your hair keeps getting shorter!" So I went to Mark.
Mark is the other man in my life because the guy knows about hair. Initially his salon seduced me -- it's pretty awesome. And I don't use that word lightly. As time passed and my hair started growing Mark taught me all kinds of tricks (I had ONE look in high school -- long and straight). I became obessessed. Obsessed with Mark and my hair. He's honest, too. Remember the time I showed up and told him I wanted bangs to which he replied, "No you don't." And no, I really didn't.
Megan will call clear from Canada and almost every conversation asks, "How's your hair?" That's why I love her. Another reason I love her is because she met me in SLC last weekend and ran a half marathon. I used to ask her to walk the three mile loop with me and she'd ask, "Do we have to walk the WHOLE THING?" And now she's a freaking marathon runner. Who asks about my hair. Moving on...

Go see Mark if you want to love your hair. He works in one of the best salons in Vegas yet his prices are affordable. I'm sending Ann Dee there next month, I've sent my mom in the past and now you're next. I can't say enough good. Look how happy I am in this picture; isn't it true that when you like your hair your life is just better? Is anyone still there?
Info on Mark's salon here. He has a local deal going -- let me know if you're interested.
I'll blog about my kids later.


IronLawGirl said...

Okay Holly, if you're going to post a hot picture of you with your hair looking awesome, you at least need to have some junk on the counters or crap on the floor. Because those of us that have the junk on the counters and crap on the floor are asking why we couldn't at least have fixed our hair today. Amen.

MediocreMama said...


Obviously I did NOT fix my hair that day. Mark did. Tod gets excited if I even WASH my hair. Miss you.


Ryan Smart said...

Hey, no one knows about self indulgent like me. Happy freakin birthday and I LOVE when Erica gets her hair done because she is so happy for a whole week. You should talk to her about your guy...she's always trying to find someone.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for the shout out. Your hair looks luxurious in that pic. All I ever want in life is Heidi Klum hair and you have it. I'm jealous.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish I was there to celebrate with you.

That picture of Lennon is probably my most favorite picture of him to date. His outfit, sword, cape, leg up conquering the trash pile. So darling.

Is that fake grass I see? How cool!!! Your house looks super super nice form the two pics I see of it. Nice kitchen and I love turf grass. So easy and crispy clean looking.

I hope your day is wonderful. You deserve it.

diana said...

Happy Birthday!

....And I had the same 'do from high school to... um, presently. Long and straight. Would Mark like to come to Hawaii?

Ron said...

Dang, Holly...You STOLE my blog topic! I was going to open up a blog site and talk about my obsession to how my hair looks. Oh well, I guess you get the honors for the idea first...

ericareynolds said...

I think your hair is awesome! Is he really worth the drive to the (gasp) Strip?

Brooke said...

Will he come to Germany? :)