Monday, January 11, 2010

The new year has brought:

Larry cruising

FINALLY CLEANING OUT OUR GARAGE and having killer garage sale.

And when I say killer, I mean this was Tod's electronics department.

We are RICH now. Too bad you missed it.

I asked Tod what this section was. His reply: "Home Improvement."

He sat here for hours just knowing someone would buy that fax machine or those throw pillows.

Lennon is now shaving with his new Batman shaving kit.

63 degree days at the park. Lennon always makes a girlfriend anywhere we go.

And Larry always loses a sock anywhere HE goes. One of the many, MANY reasons I dislike socks.

Don't these park pictures look nice? Well, what they are NOT showing is this: Some nice mom at the park and her daughter started playing with Lennon. It was all fun at first; she pretended to be a bad guy and they would run and hide in the slides and on the playground....and then Lennon told her, "I'm BATMAN!" to which she replied, "Hello, Batman, I'm the JOKER!" From across the playground I watched as Lennon ran over to where she was laying (playing dead) and proceeded to kick her and pull her hair as hard as he could. I mean, the woman was yelling for help. I wanted to disappear. What she didn't know was that Lennon literally believes he is Batman and Joker is bad news. We left soon after. No more pictures. And she wasn't laughing it off or telling me no big deal. She seemed thoroughly disturbed.
At least he's nice to animals.
The new year has also brought breakfast for dinner...three times a my pink pants that Tod says I need to retire but I dare him to get rid of them and also the same pink pants I once asked Amy if she'd wear in public (as I was wearing them in public) to which she told me, "Ummm, no." Plus who has time for real dinners with all this to fold?
Just a sample.

We also got a new camera which Tod decided to test out for at least 30 minutes while I tried to finish my book. Do I look annoyed? Weird, because I wasn't at all. There's nothing like a flash in your face while reading...

Although I do love the camera. And Tod.


Amy said...

Can you really see me wearing pink pants…Holly? You know that's the ONLY reason why I said no. Go ahead and rock your pink pants in public, you look hot!

Ryan Smart said...

You're a real domestic godess. I thought I was going to be understandable when boys or other girls pushed my kid, but some boy pushed Camryn (I wasn't there) and my instant reaction was to hunt him down and push him as hard as I could...I know one day Camryn is going to make other kids cry and I don't know what I'm going to do...especially if they have really tough dads. I mean I'm scrappy but no match for the dads that watch Nascar.

Ron said...

Is your garage sale online as well? Let me know.

Finally, Batman can get rid of his 5 o'clock shadow...

Jessica =)) said...

I love the braid. I have a natural cow lick so I can NEVER rock the braid...sigh. It looks great on you though. =))

Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

Too many things to say right now....

Batman shaving kit?!?!?!?!? Awesomely hilarious. He looks like it is some serious business. Oh the differences. Monet shaves her legs. Those are some of the cutest pictures of him I've see.

I would KILL to go to the park right now. We went to a gross indoor park the other day. We defiantly left there with some sot of communicable disease.

Larry at the park.... darling. He is like a real kid now. I can't believe we both have two kids now. Only yesterday we were swinging singles in the hot tub.

I miss you.

The Bell Family said...

Thanks for the idea...I'm totally making German Pancakes for dinner.

Unknown said...

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