Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grandmas might care

Larry weighs 16 lbs. as of today, and is four months and one week old.

  • Rolling over
  • Sleeping all night
  • Natural mohawk
  • Loves getting tickled
  • Doesn't tell me NO doesn't tell me STOP doesn't tell me where to sit, doesn't make me turn off my music in the car................

Lennon is two years old. He weighs 29 lbs. Total weight I haul around all day, everywhere I go: 45 freaking pounds. I'm just saying.

  • Everything is HIS. EVERYTHING. One day I spilled juice all over the counter and told him, "Sorry, my fault." He came back with, "NOOO!!! It's MY fault!" Okay fine, it's your fault.
  • He likes to reassure Larry all day: "Don't worry Larry...monsters aren't scary, they're funny...." or today, "Don't worry Larry...the doctor will make you all better," or yesterday, "Don't worry, Larry...the vacuum's not scary, it just makes noise." Funny because these are all things HE'S scared of.
  • Yesterday I wasn't allowed to call him Lennon, he was Mr. Incredible..."No Mom...I'm Mr. Incredible and I'm FAST...."
  • I got really nauseous last week and was on the floor in a ball...he squatted right next to me and put his hand on my shoulder saying, "Does it hurt bad, Mom? Does it hurt real bad? Do you need some medicine?" Tod stood there laughing so hard. Who is this kid?
  • Tonight there was a football game on TV. Lennon stood directly in front of the screen yelling, "Go big guys! Go big guys!"

Grand finale: Both boys decided to have total diaper blow-outs while we sat in an 8x8 waiting room at Big-O tires with my diaper bag in the car....jacked up to the ceiling in the windows....the poor guy who had to work in the room looked like he was about to puke.

Now THAT was an exciting afternoon.


Erica said...

Of course that happened to you! My gosh! That is a story! Doesn't Lennon love the vaccuum? He is scared of it too? 2 year olds are crazy but they sure are funny! I am so glad you write these things down that his says...priceless!

raegan said...

That is great, if you weren't there! So funny. Your little Lennon sounds like a character. Such an imagination all ready! He is going to be a handful (as if he isn't already).

Lindsey and David said...

You make it sound so EXCITING to be a mom! I can't wait!

I hope I have a sweet one like little Larry!

Alana said...

Can't believe how big Larry has gotten - what a handsome guy. Sorry bout the dual blowouts...

Unknown said...

yikes to big o tires. larry is looking so big! i miss u.

diana said...

Awesome that he's sleeping through the night. Lennon sounds just as entertaining as his mom.

Brooke said...

I'm interested too & I just love those boys!

Unknown said...

Man, seeing that picture of Larry looks like a mini Lennon! Your kids are growing up way too fast!