Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The day I didn't want to be a mom and other true stories

My life is good and I love my kids but today I didn't want to be a mom.

Today Lennon woke up crying and he's still crying about, oh, I don't know....everything.

Today my kitchen floor felt sticky.

Today there was no food in the house so we went to the store.

Today Lennon had to have the blue car-cart but there was no blue car-cart.

Today we waited for a blue car-cart. And once we had it and I was pushing it around the store with two kids inside I thought, "What has become of me? Pushing a CAR CART?"

Today I opened a box of cereal bars in an aisle to pacify a two year old.

Today I forgot to eat breakfast (this never happens) so I came home from the store with Oreos, ice cream sandwiches, animal cookies (pink and white ones), and other crap I don't usually buy but for some reason really needed to have today.

Today I opened my trunk to unload groceries just to have it all topple out, including milk which exploded at my feet.

Today I transferred the contents of one milk jug to another -- a messy task.

Today at the bank drive-thru I wanted to slide out of my crumb-filled car and become that lady behind the glass who sits at her quiet desk and sends money in tubes all day.

Today I've let Peter Pan take care of Lennon instead of doing it myself.

Today I changed the diaper of a two year old who ate half a watermelon yesterday. Enough said.

Today I didn't feel like being a mom but usually I do. Really.


Berkley said...

This better not be the only day you've felt like this b/c if it is, you're doing way better than I am. Sometimes I'm like, "I just don't think I'm meant to do this!" Being a mom is definitely amazing, but it's so much harder in ways you never realized it would be. And so funny that you mentioned the car cart. I was at the grocery store today and saw a red car cart and thought about putting Bailey in it b/c I thought maybe it would entertain her, but then I was like, NO WAY. Not until she actually asks for it.

Berkley said...

Oh, and I let Bailey have a sucker while we were shopping b/c I remembered you had mentioned that on your blog once-- how it kept Lennon happy in the cart-- so I decided to try it. No. She was bored with it before we even started shopping and was crying to get out of the cart. And I think that was her FIRST sucker ever! Oh well.

Lisa McIntyre said...

I am so impressed with you guys! Car carts? ABSOLUTELY NOT.... I always tell Grace that they are broken and that is why they are just sitting there not being used. As long as she believes it I'm gonna use it. Those are the worst when you have more than one kid. Our days are gonna be long for a few more months, but when it starts to cool down we will have so much more to do. It is too FLIPPIN' hot here to go outside and run around every single day. I think we should all plan a Mommy Day, you know...instead of a mommy and me day?!?

Ryan Smart said...

I think you're a horrible mother. Just kidding, I just wanted to write something mean instead of all the nice Mormon stuff we love to write-like "But isn't it such a blessing?", "Don't you feel blessed that you have two healthy kids?"
I love being a Dad though, because I just come home and play and don't have to do that. I don't understand how women are really is amazing to me. Take it from me who was a teller, personal banker, and bank manager--the drive-up at the bank is the BEST job because that piece of glass and microphone between you and the mom with the crummy seat is amazing. You should have heard the things I said to people in the drive-thru. Especially when their kids wanted an extra sucker...sorry we're all out (as I pulled the grape one out of my mouth as if to say it was the last one). Oh the power-you should work in a bank.

Wilder Family said...

Whew..I'm glad I'm not the only one who has days like this.

Ann Dee said...

what about when your two year old runs away at the zoo and you find him fifteen minutes later at the monkey house and you say, "Honey, I don't want to lose you, and I especially don't want you to keep climbing fences" and two year old says, "why? Because the animals will eat me all gone?" and then he takes off running again.

Loriann Jensen said...

Just think- someday you'll be begging for someone to invent the mini-van cart. Just so all the children are contained in one spot. Now that's sad. Mini-van is extra sad. Maybe they could make a hummer-cart. I'd drive that.

Mesha said...

Holly - I haven't read your blog for a while and jumped on and laughed like crazy! You are too much in a really good way! I love it. I miss you - really wish it would have been possible for you to come camping, maybe we could do something else later. We would love having you and Tod visit - keep that in mind! Maybe we could do a Tuachan weekend or something. Talk soon! mesh

Elder Larkin said...

hahaha! Me too... :)

Lindsey and David said...

You're not making motherhood sound too easy...