Monday, June 22, 2009

The Man

Two weeks ago my mom attended a conference at Caesar's Palace. We went to visit her one day and immediately Lennon found the fountains. For about 20 minutes I followed him to the fountain, grabbed him before he jumped in, and hauled him back to where we were sitting.

So my mom said she'd take a turn.

She followed him to the fountain, knelt down next to him and whispered something in his ear. He voluntarily turned around and ran back to me. And never looked at those fountains again.

Me: "Mom, what did you say to him?!"

Mom: "I just told him if he went near the fountains again, The Man would come and get really mad."

I laughed and made fun of her for saying something so silly and untrue to a two year old.

Fast forward to this week in the car when Lennon decided it was time to get out of his seat and wriggled his way out of his seatbelt.

Me: "Uh oh....Lennon, you'd better put that back on."
Lennon: Doesn't care what I just said

Me: "Lennon, put that strap back on or no park today."

Lennon: Doesn't care what I just said
Me: "Lennon, you'd better put that strap back on or The Man will get really mad."

Lennon: Puts his strap back on

He also responds really fast to police threats:
Me: "Lennon, you'd better keep your shoes on while we're in the store or the police will come and maybe even arrest you."


Meegan said...

Whatever works! We always used the "That makes Jesus really sad" line. Keaton's so sensitive it'd have him in tears usually.
Just one of the many reasons Keaton will be in counseling later in life I'm sure!

Unknown said...

LOLOLOLO! I did this for the first time about two weeks ago. I told Monet the car was going to hit her if she went into the parking garage without me and it would make mommy so sad. Now, when we go anywhere with cars, she says, "The cars going to hit me?" So sad. But it worked.

Karen said...

You make it sound so bad Holly. First of all...I didn't say The Man would get REALLY mad. I just said he would get mad. Second of all there really and truly was a security guard staring me down. That's how I thought of it.

Pete and Repete said...

That's pretty good... You guys should put up some videos on the blog so we can hear Lennon talking. I can't believe how many words he can say. C'mon, Benson, step into gear. Time to get off the short bus.

The Bell Family said...

Don't feel bad, I've been using the police to scare my children into obeying me for years now. The sad thing is that it sort of made Xavier scared of police, so I had to explain to him that police are nice and are here to protect us. Now when we see a cop he asks, "Hey Mom, is that a nice one or a mean one?"

Brooke said...

Yeah, we may have to try this one on Benson... The MAN. Good idea Grandma:)